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  • For the greater safety of our customers and staff, we are offering curbside pickup for all bike and accessory purchases. You can shop from the comfort of your home.
  • We know it's difficult figuring out the right bikes and accessories when there are thousands to choose from on our website. That's why we put together this quick guide if you just want the "best of" "tried and true" "highly recommended" "customer favorites" "staff picks". We also recommend these items because they're always in stock and available in different colors and sizes. 
  • This quick guide only covers the most popular kids' bikes and family bikes. We have over 750 of all types of bikes in stock so there are many choices for every cyclist not shown here. Please call with questions.
  • Call us at our main store number: (516) 364-4434 for curbside pickup.
  • Call our special "hotline" number: (516) 350-8421 if you have general questions, need product advice, help with ordering.
  • Help via email info@thebicycleplanet.com or Facetime also available. 

Update about availability: We never thought this day would come, but many bikes are now out of stock across the country from the manufacturers. We still have a lot of bikes here at The Bicycle Planet, but colors and sizes may be limited, especially in the more entry level bikes. We are getting bike shipments every week and will do our best to advise you as to availability. 

two kids bikes

Kids' Bikes

Every child is different. The age range and sizes we have provided below are meant as a general guide. Ideally, we would size your child in store and make size recommendations based on their physical dimensions as well as riding ability. We can also adjust the seat height and make other adjustments. If you are buying a bike without your child present, we can show you how to make these adjustments yourself, which are fairly easy, and also provide you with the necessary tool. 

Generally kids' bikes are unisex, with the only difference being color. 

Another great reason to buy from us? Learn more about our Kids' Bike Trade-Up Program.

16-Inch (3-6 yr old)

Most kids start their first bike at this size. 16 inch refers to the size of the wheel. Specialized Riprock 16" has coaster brakes and training wheels. Training wheels and pedals can be taken off, so that it becomes like a balance bike. Aluminum frame makes the bike sturdy while lightweight. Comes in many colors that are in stock: click on the item and then click onto the dropdown menu under "colors".  

20-Inch (5-8 yr old)

This is a great bike for kids to make the transition from coaster brakes to a hand lever brake - this bike has both! 20 inch refers to the size of the wheel. Specialized Riprock 20" comes with a kickstand. Aluminum frame makes the bike sturdy while lightweight. This size bike no longer comes with a training wheel; however, we can install training wheels if your child is still hesitant. 

24-Inch (7+ yr old)

24 inch refers to the size of the wheel. Specialized Hotrock 24" (SOLD OUT TEMPORARILY - Acid Blue and Acid Pink are coming in soon) comes with a kickstand, 8-speed and front suspension. Front suspension allows for a cushier ride over rocks and bumps, suitable for light mountain biking. The Giant Escape Jr 24 is a kid-size fitness hybrid, also includes kickstand, bell, but no front suspension. Aluminum frame makes the bike sturdy while lightweight. This size bike cannot accommodate training wheels due to the gears. SE So Cal Flyer 24 has BMX styling, wheelie pegs and comes in rad colors. 

26-Inch or 27.5-inch (10+ yr old)

The Giant ATX 3 Disc is technically an adult mountain bike, with front suspension, suitable for street and light trails. But we find that this is a great transition bike for many tweens or teens who have outgrown the 24" bike and are still looking for something sturdy and stable. This bike has a familiar feel to the 24" bike, with its wide tires, and your teen will feel confident when riding. And it's built to withstand abuse from active teens. Aluminum frame makes the bike sturdy while lightweight. We recommend this model which has disc brakes vs rim brakes. Disc brakes have better braking control, especially when dealing with the elements. Wheels size varies based on bike size. This bike does not come with a kickstand but can be added as an option.

Size Guide:
XXS (26") - 4'9" to 5'0"
XS (26") - 5'0" to 5'3"
S (27.5") - 5'3" to 5'6"
M (27.5") - 5'7" to 5'9"
L (27.5") - 5'10" to 6'1"

Similar to the Giant, we now have some limited sizes in the Specialized Rockhopper. Also a good bike for adults for light trail riding. 

Family Bikes

There are many names for this category of bikes: performance hybrid, fitness hybrid, comfort hybrid, commuter, urban or "mom and dad" bikes. Essentially these are adult bikes made for versatility on the road as well as light dirt paths. They're great for riding with the kids, commuting, exercise or just riding around the neighborhood. There are endless choices in this category, with many different features and a wide range of price points. Without getting too complicated, these two bikes are our top picks for a great bike to ride around with the family.

The Sirrus is the flagship fitness hybrid from Specialized and all-time, all-around favorite. Great for riding in the neighborhood, with the family, for fun, exercise or commuting - the Sirrus does it all. The Specialized Roll is a comfort hybrid with a more upright ride, knobbier wheels and wider saddle for people who want to cruise with ease, comfort and stability - and comes with a kickstand. 

Bonus - Every new bike purchase includes one year of free, unlimited basic tune-ups to keep you running smoothly.

Essential Accessories

Here are some accessories that are essential, nice to have or really popular. Installation onto your bike is included.

  • Helmets are essential. We always wear helmets when we ride. NYS requires helmets for anyone under 14yo, but we cannot stress the importance of helmets for everyone. Specialized Align is an excellent all-around helmet. Specialized Tactic III is a mountain/trail helmet - it has a little more coverage in the back and is a bit heavier. Lazer Blade is a road helmet - it's lighter and has more venting. All 3 helmets that we recommend come with an additional safety feature: MIPS which dampens rotational impact.
  • Kickstands - Most bikes do not come with kickstands. We have recommended kickstands next to the bikes above when applicable. 
  • Arundel Looney Bin Cage - This water bottle cage is adjustable and can hold Poland Spring bottles as well as Gatorades. 
  • Specialized's Air Tool Sport Floor Pump is essential to have at home. We recommend you check your tires before each ride to avoid flats. This pump head fits both Presta and Schrader valves. There are other floor pumps with greater capacity or for mountain bikes.
  • Specialized Seat Packs (aka saddle bags) come in different sizes and go on the back of the bike below the seat for extra storage. If you're riding a distance away from your home or car, we recommend you carry a flat repair kit: tube, tire levers, multitool, portable or CO2 pumps. 
  • Crank Brothers M5 is a basic multitool - essential for adjusting seat height (if your seat is not quick release) and tightening handlebar stems. We also have other multitools with many other functions that may be better suited for your bike. 

How to Place an Order for Curbside Pickup

  • Shop Online or Call: Make sure the item shows "Availability: In Stock" to avoid delays. Choose "Curbside Pickup" on the product page and add the item to your cart. After your order is placed, we'll email you when it's ready for pickup. When you arrive at the store, call 516-364-4434, and we will bring the items out to the curb. 
  • Questions: Call 516-364-4434 (main store) or 516-350-8421 (hotline) or email info@thebicycleplanet.com 

How to Schedule a Bike Repair

  • Call 516-364-4434 or Text 516-350-8421 or Email info@thebicycleplanet.com: Appointments are now running about 3 days out.
  • What kind of repairs? We are doing safety checks and quick repairs to get you back on the road. We are holding off on tune-ups and major overhauls for now. 
  • Where do I go? When you arrive at the store, go to the left side entrance. If there's a line, please wait 6 feet apart from others. If there's no line, please knock on the door and wait. We will make the repairs while you wait (outside please). You will need to step about 6 feet into the store to make payment - chip your credit card directly into the terminal or have your Apple/Google/Samsung Pay ready. 
  • Questions: Call 516-364-4434 (main store) or 516-350-8421 (hotline) or email info@thebicycleplanet.com


  • Do you have bikes in stock?
    Answer from 2 weeks ago: Yes, we have tons of kids bikes (in every size and almost every color), as well as a vast assortment of adult bikes in stock, ready for pickup. We have over 750 bikes in stock so chances are pretty good that we'll find something for you.
    Answer now: We still have a lot of bikes in stock, but with limited choice in color and sizes. As you can imagine, the more entry level bikes have been the first ones to sell out. However, we get new bike shipments every week, so check back often or let us know if you want to be added to a wait list.
  • Can you tell me what size bike I need?
    Yes, we've become really good at sizing people onto the right bikes over the years, and we feel confident we can get you 99% of the way there over the phone. However, no worries, if you pick up your bike, and you find that the size isn't quite right, we can swap out the bike at that time.
  • What kind of bike should I get?
    By far, the answer depends mostly on where you plan to ride your bike and how often. Other factors like your level of fitness, health concerns and riding goals also come into play. And of course we always try to find the right balance of the best bike for your budget. No matter what, every bike we sell is going to be a great quality bike. 
  • Do your bikes come assembled?
    We were a little surprised by this question because we thought it was a given. Yes, every bike we sell is professionally assembled by our mechanics and given a final safety check before we hand them off to you. Plus every new bike comes with a year of free tune ups. 
  • What if I didn't buy my bike from you? Can you still assemble it?
    Yes, we can assemble all kinds of bikes. Please call for an appointment and estimate.
  • Can you fix my bike?
    Yes, we are doing safety checks and quick repairs to get you back on the road. Please make an appointment, and we will fix your bike while you wait (outside please). We are holding off on tune-ups and major overhauls for now.